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The new R33M module for Fatshark goggles brings convenience without compromising the performance of the 3.3GHz band. It operates just like the OEM Fatshark receiver. It has sixteen (16) user selectable channels on 3.3GHz, providing a very stable and solid video reception.


Features and Specs:
-Sixteen (16) selectable phase lock loop (PLL) channels.

(Group A)
CH1: 3320
CH2: 3345
CH3: 3370
CH4: 3395
CH5: 3420
CH6: 3445
CH7: 3470
CH8: 3495

(Group B)
CH1: 3310
CH2: 3330
CH3: 3355
CH4: 3380
CH5: 3405
CH6: 3430
CH7: 3455
CH8: 3480

- Composite video, supports NTSC and PAL standards.
- FM-FM modulation
- 6.5MHz audio sub-carrier (Stereo).
- Audio channel: 1 
- DIP switch channel selection.
- SAW Filter Bandwidth: 16 MHz
- RF sensitivity -90dBm (typical).
- Operating Current: <150mA @12V
- Video input voltage 75-ohm impedance  1Vp-p.
- Audio input voltage 10k ohm impedance  1Vp-p.

We highly recomended upgrading the low cost stock antenna to get the best performance of your 3.3 GHz FPV system

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